Growth / Acquisition

Growth / Acquisition

Do you want to expand beyond organic growth and ensure that you get an ascending curve after the takeover based on the synergies in your company? Then contact us.

You might think of one or more companies that think would be a perfect match for your company. However, to start with you don´t want them to know that it is you who wants to buy. In that case we can make the first contact for you. This way you can quickly sense if the company could be interested in selling.

The procedure will take place as follows:


You are offered an informal meeting at your office or ours.


At the meeting you will find out in which areas you would like to experience a growth. Whether it is within your existing business or if you would like to expand your existing assets to new areas.


You are offered to make an agreement that you as the “buyer’s man” will give us the mandate to do a screening of the market.


We will examine whether there is a potential seller who will match your requests or not.


If you already consider buying a particular company, we offer to make an anonymous enquiry to find out whether the company is interested in selling the company or a specific activity within it.


If the selling company is interested in a sale, we will arrange an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) with them, before we inform them of your name and the possibilities you see in buying their company.


If you and the selling company agrees to continue the acquisition process acquisition, depending on our agreement, you are offered help to evaluate the seller’s company/activity and point out the synergies you will obtain through a takeover.


You are offered help with the price and contract negotiations, as much as you need.


Upon this, your lawyers will be contacted. If you want to you are referred to competent lawyers with experience from the transport and logistics business as well as an international network.